May 24, 2023

Giift shakes up the Indian loyalty market through GiiftBuzz Solution

Mumbai, India

Giift shakes up the Indian loyalty market through its new GiiftBuzz Solution, affirming an ambitious acquisition target of over five million merchants

We are immensely proud to announce the new first-of-its-kind Joint Venture with CardBuzz, India, to launch GiiftBuzz India. Giift has joined hands with CardBuzz India to explore and expand its roots in the Indian Market.

GiiftBuzz India will be the first-of-its-kind extension of GiiftBox in India. It will drive growth through the Indian Retail Market by offering a state-of-the-art customer engagement platform to MSMEs and SMEs retail segments. It will empower them to boost customer engagement and forge customer loyalty through customized digital offers within minutes. This collaboration will help unveil the power of Giift Solutions in India and drive digitally enhanced technology in the Indian retail markets through an extensive network of CardBuzz agents spread strategically throughout the Indian territory.

“This ingenious joint venture giving rise to GiiftBuzz India is a milestone step towards Giift’s global expansion initiatives. Giift’s disruptive loyalty technology and CardBuzz’s extensive distribution strength throughout the Indian retail market will expand and amplify our offerings in the Indian retail loyalty space,” says Laurent Xatart, Co-Founder & CEO at Giift.

“Giift’s end-to-end loyalty solutions paired with CardBuzz’s most powerful, yet simplest-to-use payment methods is the recipe to success. This collaboration will help us drive disruption in the Indian Retail Market loyalty space,” says Prem Pal Singh.

About CardBuzz

CardBuzz solution is a new age fintech company specializing in customized financial solutions for personal and commercial finance management backed by established financial professionals in the industry.

About Giift

Giift is a leading loyalty technology provider and program management partner with headquarters in Singapore. Founded in 2013, Giift has expanded into multiple countries, including Dubai, Mumbai, New York, London, Wuhan, Beijing, Jakarta, Colombo, Doha, Dhaka, Nairobi, and now Pakistan. Giift has served 2,000+ corporate clients across industries and has created customized loyalty and rewards-based programs globally.

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