Delight this holiday season with digital gifting!

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Ignite your sales with seamless offer management

An all-in-one solution for merchants to amplify their sales by seamlessly creating and managing offers, and sharing them with users across the globe.
Validate Offers
Validate Gift Cards

Get the most from your offers and promotions

Drive higher sales

Run cross-sell and upsell campaigns to enhance average customer value with exciting discounts and offers.

Expand your audience

Launch enticing offers to attract new customers across the globe and optimize your customer acquisition costs.

Retain your customers

Build customer loyalty by engaging your customers with periodic offers that keep them hooked on your brand.


Create offers and discounts in minutes with just a few simple steps

With our comprehensive solution, you can create offer templates that match your brand and its requirements. Select one of the existing styles and customize it to your campaign needs.


Create and customize unlimited offers with your brand logo, custom image, offer validity, and a display title of your choice

Multiple Offer Types

Pick from a diverse selection of offer types, including fixed value, free-format, and discount offers

Validation and Redemption

Securely manage and track the offer validation and redemption process with ease


Amplify the visibility of your offers by reaching your audiences where they are

In just a few clicks, share offers with your customers directly and publish them to the Giift ecosystem to access a vast audience. Engage them across several channels like website, app, social media pages, email, and text messages

Multiple Channels

Share your offers and discounts across multiple channels like social media, your app, emails, WhatsApp, and more.

Access Audience of 80M+

Leverage Giift’s ecosystem to boost your reach by tapping into an audience of more than 80 million potential customers

URLs and QR Codes

Generate voucher URLs and QR codes that can be shared across several online and offline channels


Know your customers better and optimize your marketing strategy in real time

Follow your users’ journeys using reports and analytics to precisely identify friction points like clicks, views, subscriptions, and more. Make the best decisions to adjust the campaign and achieve your objectives.

Customer Insights

Leverage customer insights to understand the offers and discounts that your customers love

Analyse Performance

Track the performance of each offer with in-depth insights and reports to optimize the performance of your campaigns

Boost ROI

Scale the offers and discounts that are working well, so you can increase your ROI and make the most of your promotions

Security, privacy, and
compliance at the forefront

Data protection is of utmost importance at Giift, and we are committed to providing a safe, secure, and compliant ecosystem for merchants and enterprises with the highest standards of data security and privacy across storage, exchange, collection, and processing.