Giift Hosts Panel with VISA and CoorB on Financial Inclusion and Sustainability at Loyalty Connect 2024

April 23, 2024

At Loyalty Connect 2024, Giift had the privilege of hosting an illuminating panel discussion on "The Role of Loyalty & Rewards Technology in Financial Inclusion & Sustainability Initiatives." The discussion brought together industry leaders to share their insights on how loyalty programs are evolving to meet the needs of today’s financial and environmental landscapes.


  • Ahmed Khalifa, Chief Revenue Officer at Giift
  • Bilal Alavi, Customer Engagement Solutions Head, CEMEA at VISA
  • Ahmed Gaber, Co-founder at CoorB

Moderator: Anoop Bhargava, Global Head for Partnerships & Alliances | Giift

Discussion Highlights:

The panel began with Ahmed Gaber from CoorB, who discussed the importance of collaboration between fintech providers and traditional payment players. He emphasized that rather than competing, these entities should work together to foster a robust payment ecosystem. Gaber highlighted how emerging fintech companies can drive innovation while supporting established financial institutions.

Bilal Alavi from VISA delved into the significant theme of financial inclusion. He explained how VISA leverages loyalty and rewards to extend financial services to middle and low-income consumers, particularly in underserved markets. Alavi noted that partnerships with fintechs and regulators are crucial in this effort, as they collectively strive to bring financial services to those who need them most.

Ahmed Khalifa, representing Giift, focused on sustainability. He explained how loyalty and rewards technology can be utilized to encourage consumers and small businesses to adopt environmentally friendly practices. Khalifa provided examples of how Giift’s solutions are designed to promote the purchase of sustainable products, thus aligning financial incentives with environmental responsibility.

The panel also addressed the challenges of offering loyalty benefits that incentivize financial inclusion in emerging markets. Each panelist shared their perspectives on the top challenges, including the need for increased financial literacy and the importance of building trust among new users.