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Our suite of services

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GS 360°

Complete loyalty solution to increase profitability and engagement of your loyalty program
What’s included
Loyalty consulting
Competition benchmarking, customer segmentation, and persona definition
Launch support and execution
All onboarding material production for loyalty program and launch strategy to new and existing
Engagement and performance strategy
End-to-end engagement strategy and production of necessary material to execute campaign all year long for each persona
Visual merchandising animation
Producing new content regularly on redemption website to enhance engagement by showing how dynamic and fresh the content is
Loyalty health checks
Analytics reports and quantity / quality surveys sent to members and non-members of the program

GS Offers

Online and offline marketing strategies to boost sales and ROI of your proprietary offers
What’s included
Workshop meetings
2-hour workshops
Engagement strategy
A document with the agreed strategy
An exhaustive roadmap with the steps to be taken for delivery
Design and approval
Design of all creative assets as per outlet guidelines
Delivery and distribution
Dispatch of all online/offline assets on a regular basis as per roadmap
Monthly report showing engagement progress
Project management
Monthly 1-hour operational meetings


Redesign of the UX/UI across various touchpoints to enhance the user experience and ROI
What’s included
Full redesign of the interface
Including the home page and the category pages
How-to content
Updated enrolment process
Landing page creation
3 high-converting landing pages
Featured offers section
Annual campaign development roadmap
Themes collection banners redesign
Travel, Hotel, E-commerce
High converting email templates
Templates for program enrolment, dormant activation, transaction increase

GS Engagement

Targeted engagement strategies to drive loyalty participation and boost value and revenue
What’s included
Loyalty benchmarking and data analysis
  • Communication competition benchmarking
  • Advanced customer segmentation
  • Definition of relevant clusters and communication angles
Loyalty performance and engagement
  • Engagement roadmap
  • Yearly calendar
  • Definition of relevant clusters and communication angles
  • Concepts and ideas for email campaigns
  • Reporting templates and performance analysis
  • Closed-loop feedback for continuous improvement
Landing page creation
  • One high-converting landing page per month

GS On-demand

Tailored loyalty consulting for your new or existing programs based on your unique needs
What’s included
Customized loyalty solutions
  • Tailored strategy formulation based on deep-dive analyses
  • Agile adjustments to meet evolving business and customer demands
Personalized marketing solutions for loyalty programs
  • Targeted campaigns crafted for your unique audience Data-driven
  • personalization to deepen customer loyalty
Adaptable support and innovation
  • Continuous program refinement aligned with the latest trends
  • Expert consultancy for any challenge, beyond those outlined

Why choose GiiftStudio?

Unlock the full potential of your loyalty programs with GiiftStudio’s expertise in planning, designing, and launching successful loyalty programs.
Increased Customer Engagement
GiiftStudio’s tailored strategies and solutions significantly boost customer participation and interaction with loyalty programs.
Program ROI
By optimizing loyalty programs and aligning them with customer preferences, GiiftStudio helps businesses achieve higher returns on their loyalty investments.
Comprehensive Support and Expertise
GiiftStudio provides end-to-end support from consulting to execution, ensuring that loyalty programs are effective, up-to-date, and continuously improving.

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