Turn customers into advocates with captivating loyalty programs

Discover the power of loyalty programs with Giift's innovative solutions. From earning and redeeming points across a vast network, our platform is designed to enhance customer engagement and retention.

Enhance customer retention

Unlock the secret to lasting customer relationships with omnichannel loyalty programs, personalized rewards, tiered programs, and exclusive offers to ensure customers have compelling reasons to return.

  1. Personalized rewards based on customer behavior and preferences.
  2. Tiered loyalty programs to encourage repeat business.
  3. Wide range of redemption options, from everyday needs to premium experiences

Increase brand advocacy

Transform satisfied customers into powerful brand ambassadors through referral rewards, social sharing, and recognition for their contributions. Encourage active promotion and enhance your brand's visibility with rewards that incentivize advocacy.

  1. Referral rewards to incentivize word-of-mouth promotion.
  2. Engagement with customers across multiple channels
  3. Recognition and rewards for customer reviews and feedback.

Get data-driven insights

Harness the power of advanced analytics to unlock valuable customer insights. Tailor your marketing strategies with precision, utilizing segment-based targeting and real-time feedback to meet customer needs and drive strategic decisions.

  1. Advanced analytics for understanding purchasing patterns.
  2. Segment-based targeting for personalized marketing campaigns.
  3. Configure intricate accrual rules based on member segments, behavior, and actions

Features to foster customer loyalty globally

With a scalable, secure, and privacy-first approach, our products are built to meet the needs of enterprise businesses in every industry.
Comprehensive Reward Options

Vast selection of rewards including travel, miles, gift cards, merchandise, and experiences.

Flexible Points Management

Advanced points engine to manage earning and redemption rules, expiration policies, and more.

Mobile-First Approach

Integrable with mobile apps for customers to accrue and redeem points on the go.

Personalized Communications

Automated, targeted communication tools to engage customers at the right moment with the right offer.

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

Detailed dashboards and reports to track program performance, insights, and ROI.

Seamless Integration

Easy integration with CRMs, transaction systems, and POS systems for a unified customer experience.

Trusted by enterprises around the globe

Our loyalty management shines through Giift

“We sincerely appreciate Giift’s level of detail and accountability. We have seen tremendous improvement in customer engagement and recommend them to other banks and contacts.”

Siny Antony Davis

Manager - Cards Portfolio Management, Retail Banking Group – CBI

A cutting edge system and the right partner to grow with

“Giift works with us across 17 countries in Africa. They are extremely flexible and supportive. The system is cutting edge - from the UI to the options provided to our consumers.”

Motaz Ben Saoud

Corporate Retail Officer, OLA ENERGY

Very responsive with 100% uptime

“Thanks to Xoxoday, we can now automate the incentive procurement and distribution, thus saving high costs and time. The overall online respondent experience has also been excellent.”

Ravi Gour

Regional Panel Leader (Asia-Pacific)

Consulting firm nurtures a culture of rewarding

With Xoxoday, Capgemini revolutionized its rewards and recognition program to a comprehensive one with a maximum redemption rate.

Biju Samuel


Our trusted partner in becoming the best booker rewards program

“We have received tremendous response from agencies, bookers, and suppliers across 14 countries on the ease of use of the platform. Giift is helping us make TBO+ the best Booker Rewards Program in the B2B travel space globally.”

Vijayeta James

Global Sales Effectiveness Leader, TBO Holidays

Increased rewarding efficiency - 52% of employee

Our employees really like the Xoxoday rewarding process. The customer service that they offer is exceptional and commendable. That was the most important criteria for us to decide on them.

Human Resource Business Partner