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BFSI & Fintech

In the BFSI and Fintech sectors, innovative customer engagement strategies and loyalty programs are crucial for retaining customers and enhancing operational efficiencies. These programs should meet the unique regulatory and technological demands of modern finance, providing personalized customer experiences that foster deep, lasting connections.
Challenges in the industry
Digital Transformation
Navigating the shift towards digital banking while maintaining security and customer trust.
Competitive Differentiation
Standing out as a brand in a crowded market with unique offerings and value propositions.
Creating individualized customer experiences to enhance satisfaction and engagement.
How Giift addresses these challenges
Rule-Based Rewards
Configurable, rule-based rewards strategies that adapt to customer behaviors and preferences across multiple banking channels.
Seamless Integration
Deeply integrated, personalized loyalty programs that sync seamlessly with existing banking infrastructures.
Real-time Analytics
Advanced analytics to design dynamic incentives strategies that boost transaction volumes and attract high-value transactions.
Customers in the industry
Our loyalty management shines through Giift
We sincerely appreciate Giift’s level of detail and accountability. We have seen tremendous improvement in customer engagement and recommend them to other banks and contacts.
Siny Antony Davis
Manager - Cards Portfolio Management,
Retail Banking Group – CBI

Retail & E-Commerce

Enhancing customer experiences through personalized interactions and engagement strategies is pivotal in Retail and E-commerce to foster consumer engagement and repeat business. Strategies that sustain customer retention is the key to success in this competitive landscape.
Challenges in the industry
Multi-Channel Experience
Delivering a rewarding shopping experience across online and physical platforms
Customer Lifetime Value
Maximizing the value of each customer through strategic engagement and retention tactics
Brand Loyalty
Building and maintaining strong brand loyalty in a competitive retail landscape.
How Giift addresses these challenges
Advanced Multi-Tier Programs
Layered loyalty programs that cater to diverse customer segments and shopping behaviors
Personalized Promotions
Real-time analytics to craft personalized promotions that resonate with individual customer needs and segments
Comprehensive Rewards Catalog
Integrated rewards that are accessible across online and physical store channels driving engagement and loyalty by offering a seamless shopping experience regardless of the shopping platform.
Customers in the industry
52% more employee rewarding efficiency
Empuls survey helped us know that we weren't acknowledging significant milestones. That changed with Empuls recognition and rewards. Now we use surveys extensively to improve the employee experience.
Human Resource Business Partner

Travel & Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality businesses focus on delivering exceptional personalized experiences to build loyalty and encourage repeat visits. Tailored rewards and services will ensure guests feel valued, enhance satisfaction, and promote brand loyalty.
Challenges in the industry
Customer Retention
Encouraging repeat bookings in a crowded industry.
Guest Engagement
The struggle to keep guests engaged beyond the initial booking.
Data-Driven Offerings
Difficulty in personalizing loyalty program offerings due to limited customer data or lack of effective analysis tools.
How Giift addresses these challenges
Frequent flyer programs
Rewards for frequent flyers or guests with points redeemable for upgrades, free stays, or flights
Extended stay Incentives
Gamified rewarding experiences that offer escalating benefits for longer stays and frequent visits, encouraging guest loyalty
Targeted Offers Based on Analytics
Utilizing historical data to create personalized service offerings and promotions
Customers in the industry
Our trusted partner in booker rewards program
We have received tremendous response from agencies, bookers, and suppliers across 14 countries on the ease of use of the platform. Giift is helping us make TBO+ the best Booker Rewards Program in the B2B travel space globally.
Vijayeta James
Global Sales Effectiveness Leader,
TBO Holidays

Healthcare & Pharma

Healthcare and Pharma emphasize patient engagement and management through personalized strategies that support health practices and medication adherence. These initiatives are designed to improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction while ensuring efficient healthcare delivery. 
Challenges in the industry
Patient Engagement
Ensuring consistent and meaningful interactions with patients to encourage proactive health management
Field Agent Incentives
Lack of incentive for pharma sales reps often to reward their contributions in promoting healthcare services and products.
Personalized healthcare initiatives to motivate patients to take a more active role in their well-being.
How Giift addresses these challenges
Health Rewards
Incentives for regular health check-ups and adherence to treatment plans to encourage proactive health management through points accrual.
Personalized Wellness Programs
Data-driven analytics to enhance treatment personalization and operational efficiency, improving patient care and service delivery.
Incentives for Field Agents
Incentive programs for pharma sales reps to motivate and recognize their efforts in promoting healthcare services and products.
Customers in the industry
A sense of excitement
I was awarded a Xoxo points voucher worth ₹1000 by my manager. I used it to purchase Amazon Vouchers. I liked the vast catalog that Plum offered, and also the redemption experience was delightful. I am very thankful to my company & Xoxoday as they helped me make online purchases of groceries during lockdown once. This award has created a sense of excitement and helped me to put more effort into my tasks. Thanks, team Xoxoday!

Education & EdTech

Education and EdTech sectors enhance engagement through customized programs that encourage student and alumni involvement. By fostering a supportive community and enriching educational experiences, these programs help institutions build strong, enduring ties with their members.
Challenges in the industry
Community Engagement
Building and maintaining a vibrant educational community that supports student and alumni involvement
Resource Optimization 
Maximizing participation and quality responses of academic research surveys
Alumni Relations
Strengthening alumni connections to enhance funding and support for educational initiatives
How Giift addresses these challenges
Customizable Rewards Platform
Tailored rewards to meet the specific needs of students and alumni, enhancing their connection to the institution.
Building user engagement
Micro-rewards and gamification elements for EdTech platforms to incentivize positive behaviors like completing learning modules or participating in discussions.
Customers in the industry
600 employees rewarded with 90% redemption rate
The best thing about Empuls is their service it is extremely quick. Variety of options and services really contribute to the happiness of the employees. Empuls takes a lot of trouble to ensure their services are seamless.
Aman Utkarsh
Human Resources Executive,
NIIT Limited

Oil & Gas

In the Oil & Gas industry, loyalty programs should be tailored to address the unique challenges of a competitive and resource-intensive market. These programs should focus on promoting sustainable practices and operational efficiency, helping to build customer loyalty and distinguish brands in the sector. 
Challenges in the industry
Customer Loyalty
Maintaining loyalty in a sector with high customer turnover and competitive pricing
Brand Differentiation
Establishing a distinctive brand presence in a market dominated by standard offerings
Customer Engagement
Lack of engagement strategies like gamification, targeted communication etc. that go beyond simply rewarding purchases.
How Giift addresses these challenges
Rewards for Service Transactions
Rewards for frequent purchases of fuel and services to build customer loyalty
Corporate Client Incentives
Custom incentives for high-volume business clients to foster long-term relationships
Gamification Elements
Integrating game mechanics like points, badges, and leaderboards to motivate users to participate more actively in the loyalty program.
Customers in the industry
A cutting-edge system and the right partner to grow with
We chose Giift as our loyalty provider to work with us across 17 countries in Africa. They are extremely flexible and very supportive. The system is cutting edge, and we are confident that we have selected the right partner to grow our customer base with.
Motaz Ben Saoud
Corporate Retail Officer,


The Automotive industry needs strategies to enhance customer retention and engagement post-purchase. By rewarding maintenance and safe driving, these programs ensure ongoing interaction and strengthen brand loyalty among consumers.
Challenges in the industry
After-Sales Engagement
Building long-term customer relationships post-purchase
Service Utilization
Encouraging regular maintenance and service visits
Customer Loyalty
Fostering brand loyalty amid fierce competition
How Giift addresses these challenges
Maintenance Rewards Program
Incentives for regular servicing, which not only prolongs vehicle life but also enhances customer loyalty
Performance Incentives
Rewards for dealership sales teams for achieving sales targets and delivering exceptional customer service
Safe Driving Rewards
Gamification techniques that reward customers for safe driving habits and environmental consciousness
Customers in the industry
A German luxury auto brand improves their top-line sales
Compass has helped us improve sales team engagement. It’s now easy to communicate our commission programs and keep them seamless, transparent, and efficient. We are seeing an incremental increase in sales and up to 96.2% increase in redemption adoption.
Regional Sales Head
Luxury Automobile

IT, BPO & SaaS

Automated processes and strategic customer incentives in IT, BPO, and SaaS enhance service delivery for users and employee satisfaction. Robust strategies that promote technology adoption and streamline operations are key to success in this competitive landscape. 
Challenges in the industry
Churn Management
The challenge of reducing subscriber churn in a competitive market
Subscriber Engagement and Value
Providing personalized rewards and service directly catering to individual needs to increase value and encourage loyalty.
Effective Upsells and Cross-sells
Encouraging subscribers to explore additional services through targeted offers that add value and enhance their experience.
How Giift addresses these challenges
Personalized Offerings
Advanced analytics and AI, to understand and anticipate customer needs, enabling personalized service offerings, fostering customer loyalty.
Gamification of Service Milestones
Fun, interactive challenges that reward customers for achieving specific usage goals or trying new services.
Performance Incentives
Incentives for employees and teams meeting or exceeding performance targets boosting productivity and better customer interactions.
Customers in the industry
Self-served, quick to set up, and easy to use
The platform is self-served, quick to set up, and easy to use. The value addition came in with the ability to create landing pages that triggered to show localized rewards, helping drive engagement.
Sandeep John
Head of Field Marketing,

Consumer Goods

Promoting sustainable consumer behaviors and enhancing brand loyalty are key in Consumer Goods. Targeted marketing driven by rewards for eco-friendly purchases based on detailed consumer behavior insights will help achieve the customer engagement and loyalty.
Challenges in the industry
Digital Customer Engagement
Enhancing interaction with consumers through digital channels to build lasting relationships
Supply Chain Optimization
Creating more efficient and sustainable supply chains
Market Responsiveness
Quickly adapting to changing consumer preferences and market conditions
How Giift addresses these challenges
Digital Loyalty Solutions
Personalized digital rewards and engagement programs that resonate with diverse consumer bases
Supply Chain Rewards
Incentivizing suppliers and partners to achieve efficiency and sustainability goals
Targeted Strategies using Analytics
Utilizing advanced analytics to understand consumer behavior and refine marketing strategies
Customers in the industry
Easy, Adaptable, and Quantifiable employee engagement
With Xoxoday already having the integration with SAP, it was fairly easy for us to narrow down and select Xoxoday. It made it easy for our employees to use daily. We liked what we saw in the early demos; it seemed easy to use, and we loved all of the gift card options our employees would have.
Madison Ruff
Senior HRIS Analyst

Real Estate & Infrastructure

Real Estate and Infrastructure benefit from strategies that enhance investment appeal and community development through referrals. Loyalty programs that reward sustainable practices and long-term engagement, promoting growth and operational efficiency are the key to success.
Challenges in the industry
Customer Lifecycle Engagement 
Engaging prospects over the long sales cycles typical in real estate
Referral Generation
Encouraging referrals in a high-stake market
Client Retention
Maintaining relationships with past clients to encourage future business
How Giift addresses these challenges
Loyalty Programs for Repeat Business
Rewards for clients who return or refer others
Engagement Tools for Ongoing Communication
Tools to keep in touch with clients through updates and market insights
Rewards for Client Reviews and Testimonials
Incentives for clients who provide valuable feedback and testimonials
Customers in the industry
Xoxoday helped us boosting agent motivation and sales
The gamified gratification experience motivated our agents, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction. Xoxoday has become an indispensable tool for driving business growth through attractive incentives.
Multinational Real Estate Developer