Coalition rewards program for SMEs

GiiftPay offers scalability to payment companies and SMEs to open up a wide choice of redemptions for customers. It is a turnkey solution that allows merchants to launch a loyalty program through their payment gateway and give points to consumers when they pay.

Main Benefits :

✓ Increase turnover
✓ Recruit new buyers
✓ Retain your customers


Suitable for :

✓ All merchants



Engage customers through instant campaigns & games all year around to convert themselves into profitable long-term relationships. It is a turnkey solution that enables merchants to enroll in the Giift Coalition Program, deploy it instantly through their payment gateway, and issue coalition points to consumers when they pay.
Long-term Relationship
Payment Gateway

User first

Users get maximized value when doing transactions using a brand payment instrument and ecosystem offers from merchants, rewards, and redemption anywhere. The solution is instant access to millions of consumers and operations are quickly turning into loyal customers.
Maximized Value
Rewards Everywhere
Instant Access
Millions of Consumers


GiiftPay allows brands to understand better their targets and the sites on which they make their purchases. It also gives brands the ability to run their programs with merchants. In addition, the solution offers brands the ability to better forecast merchant revenues, with intelligent and predictive data.
Artificial Intelligence
Understand Targets
Forecast Revenues
Places to be


The users receive levels to reach, to encourage them to use their instruments, games, or special periods such as sales, events, and holidays... All the digital content created, such as gift cards/vouchers, is published on social media, and online sites to acquire more customers in record time.
Levels to Reach
Special Periods
Digital Content

GiiftPay features summary

✓ White-label User & Merchant UI
✓ Generate e-vouchers & e-coupons issuance
✓ Lucky Draw Module (Spin & Win)
✓ Module to manage users & merchants
✓ Access to online redemption marketplace for offline merchants
✓ Segmented Campaign Management
✓ Reconciliation & Settlement
✓ QR code Issuance
✓ Data consolidation and analytics for loyalty issuer