Points accrual and customer management system

A complete product-agnostic platform giving advanced capabilities to the issuers. Also has an advanced user engagement portal with full self-service management at a global level.

Main Benefits :

Customer Acquisition

Customer engagement

Brand value increase

Automated customer retention

Build Customer

Lifetime Value

Customer Data

Suitable for :

Banks, Insurance

Oil, Gas

Hotel, Airlines

Telecom, E-Commerce, & more

All in one

From program creation to onboarding clients with an omnichannel interface and from driving engagement to a complete CRM solution, cover the entire process with just one solution.

  • Complete accrual & redemption
  • Tier & transaction accrual engine
  • Analytics tools & support
  • Comprehensive API Distribution

Engagement boost

Solution designed to increase customer engagement leveraging your brand thanks to a cutting-edge points accrual engine. Loyalty points are the centerpiece that fuels your marketing and boosts customer acquisition metrics.

  • Customer Engagement
  • Client Acquisition & Onboarding
  • Fuel Marketing Strategy
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs


The flexible back office allows you to entirely manage your loyalty program at will and easily monitor your activities. Program management is a heavily configurable engine that allows you to build any kind of rules. The Giift Loyalty Expert Team will accompany you to ensure you unlock the full potential of GiiftLBMS and create a brilliant loyalty management strategy unlocking significant added value for your company.

  • Manage Everything in one Place
  • A heavily Customizable Rule Engine
  • Onboarding with Giift Loyalty Expert
  • Monitoring of All Financial Activities

Easy integration

You can seamlessly integrate our solution into an existing IT infrastructure, on-premises or in the Cloud giving you the flexibility to make the right choice for your business. We have completed more than 2000+ integrations throughout the world thanks to our robust API that allows fast and reliable implementation into your existing system.

  • Easy & reliable API integration
  • On-premises & cloud options for integration
  • 2000+ successful integration worldwide
  • World recognised institutions as clients
features summary

features summary

Large choice of accrual possibilities

Tier/status management

Loyalty CRM

P2P transfer

Communication module

Analytics & reporting

Security & fraud management