Loyalty Engine

A comprehensive enterprise-ready loyalty engine that scales with your business

Launch and manage multiple omnichannel loyalty programs from a single system and deliver personalized customer experiences across touchpoints using our powerful rule engine.
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Program Configuration

Customize your programs with exhaustive settings to suit your exact business needs.

  • Multiple Loyalty Programs
    LBMS gives you the flexibility to configure multiple loyalty programs under one account and each program functions independently with its own configurations
  • Program Customization
    Configure currency settings, points expiration schedule, points conversion rate, cashback rate, and more

Rule Engine

Leverage our multi-attribute rule engine to create intricate accrual rules to fit your precise requirements.

  • Data Synchronization
    Pass real-time data from external systems or use batch processing by uploading files to update the transaction data and trigger the accrual rules
  • Customizable Attributes
    Use global attributes across your rule groups, manage local attributes to add custom attributes, and use derived attributes to create smarter accrual rules
  • Rule Groups
    Create rules groups to organize and prioritize your rules better, with the option to set a maximum points limit for each group.
  • Member Insights
    Access member data, and attributes, and use conditions to create as many rules to award either flat points or set up a points multiplier.

Loyalty Tiers

Reinforce brand affinity by designing loyalty tiers to offer higher rewards for higher levels of loyalty

  • Tailored Tiers
    Customize your loyalty tiers with a unique icon, name, and a milestone to reach in order to be upgraded to the next tier.
  • Points Multiplier
    Add a points multiplier rule for every tier to award more points to the loyalty tier members

Docs to help you integrate effortlessly

Access our detailed documentation that covers all aspects of the API integrations including transactions, accrual, and redemption options. From setting up the API to fully configuring your loyalty program, our in-depth documentation helps with each step of the journey.

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Data protection is of utmost importance at LBMS, and we are committed to providing a safe, secure, and compliant loyalty ecosystem for enterprises with the highest standards of data security and privacy across storage, exchange, collection, and processing.

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