Improves company culture and brings the entire digital workplace to life

An all-in-one engagement platform for employees, Empuls helps you build an engaged workplace, where everyone is aligned, motivated, and connected.

Main Benefits :

Improve company culture

Increase productivity

 Upgrade net promoting score (about 67%)

Suitable for :

All companies


Complete engagement stack for teams of all sizes, no matter where your people work. Create a direct link between managers and employees via communication, exchange, survey, rewards, and more. Lets you maintain a pulse on your organization’s culture and climate.

  • Available Anywhere
  • Suitable for any Company Size
  • Leverage Communication


Stay top of mind with your employees by building trust with consistent and transparent communication. Keep connections alive for your employees with a customized social intranet designed for distributed teams.

  • Improve Collaboration
  • Engage Employees
  • Enhance Company Culture

Test & Learn

Help teams communicate, inspire, and solicit feedback while leveraging data to focus on areas of improvement that will positively impact employee performance. Allow leaders to improve their decision-making process towards their team.

  • Gauge Employee Sentiment
  • Get Deeper Insights with Surveys
  • Improve Employee Performance


Foster a culture of appreciation with rewards & recognition, with fun, and for each occasion or milestone. Praise your team for their achievements, great ideas, and helpful suggestions.

  • Make Peer Recognition Social & Fun
  • Celebrate with Rewards & Gifts
  • Allow Exclusive Discounts
features summary

features summary

Communicate with employees

Create a community group

Engage everybody in the social experience

Pulse surveys to gauge employee sentiment

Improve employee performance with 1:1 Feedback

Make peer recognition candid, social & fun

Celebrate every occasion and milestone with rewards & gifts

Savings for employees through exclusive perks & discounts