Employee Loyalty

Employee rewards, incentives & payout
For a company to grow with its employees, prosperity must stand for reward. “After effort comes recognition.” This is the best way to stimulate value creation.
With this logic, great mood and great productivity will be attained within your walls. Rewarding, incentivizing, engaging, and retaining your employees: this will be your journey with Giift.
Today, employee loyalty systems are flawed. Technology gaps, security breaches, deferred gratification, lack of transparency… How to get rid of all that? By opting for our suite of employee solutions.
Social Intranet, gamification, payouts, commissions and points burn are some of the 20,000 seamless, on-demand, quickly delivered reward options we offer you, in more than 80 countries. Don’t wait longer and drive your employees to their optimum performance.


The GiiftEmpuls is the first holistic employee engagement solution. It allows you to connect, listen and act with your people and empower them through recognition and rewards. Human resources, Business leaders, People leaders, or Employees – Empuls addresses the needs of everyone at the workplace.
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With GiiftCompass, you can gamify a reward & incentive program for your Sales team. No matter how complex your programs are, our technology can handle them from start to finish. Select one of our game templates, define KPIs and publish it without coding in under 10 minutes.
Seamless Integration
Easy-to-use Admin Console
Optimized Security
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Need help?

At Giift, we believe that the best solution is the one that is tailor-made for your business. So, get in touch with our industry experts to find the right loyalty solution for you!
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GiiftPlum is our all-in-one digital rewards & incentives platform, that scales with your business. It allows you to buy & track digital gift cards instantly and securely from thousands of popular brands across the globe. Gift cards, Prepaid cards, Experiences – there’s something for everyone and every occasion.
International Coverage
Customized Rewards
Omni-channel Gift Cards Delivery
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