Oasis Mall

About Us
Oasis Mall is synonymous with convenient shopping in the city. Conveniently accessible by car, metro, taxi and bus on Sheikh Zayed Road (between 2nd and 3rd interchange), Oasis Mall offers Dubai residents and visitors an engaging experience in a convenient, shopping-friendly environment. Spanning a total area of 1.44 million sq. ft. and retail space of about 1 million sq. ft. with shopping spread across four levels, Oasis Mall encompasses a wide selection of global brands and categories in a compact, shopping-focused format offering outstanding value for money. The mall features diverse global anchor stores for fashion and footwear for children and adults, home furniture and furnishings, electronics, sports and leisure, beauty, health and wellness, food and beverage (restaurants and cafes), entertainment, fitness and arts, grocery and books & gifts. To maximize its convenience, Oasis Mall offers 1650 free parking slots to shoppers.