About Us
Where can you fulfill all your “Do It Yourself”, homeware, outdoor and gardening needs? ACE is just the place for you. With an ACE Gift Card, your loved ones will be able to choose from a wide range of products all at great prices, including a Value range of quality products, specifically sourced to give excellent value for money at everyday low prices. All your friends needs such as outdoor furniture, barbeques, camping, automotive accessories, gardening, DIY, power tools, painting & decorating and much more, can all be found there! In addition to your loved ones getting everything that they may desire, they will also experience great customer service. Employees are there to provide them with assistance, solutions to any concerns they may have, and even advice on ways to improve or decorate their home. In addition to getting the very best and latest there is on the market, the ACE store in Dubai Festival City provides unique services to its customers. Do you know someone who is making something at home? Do they need wood cut and measured to their liking? ACE can do that for them! They can also rent certain tailor made packages or items they may need for camping, DIY projects, or even parties. So the next time you are invited to a housewarming, consider an ACE Gift Card. With this all of your loved ones’ home needs will be satisfied.