About Us

SkinnyMint the #1 SG Teatox Program, utilizing 2 unique formulated Teas for maximum results & to kickstart a healthy living. Health - the best gift you can give. SkinnyMint gift card can be redeemed on-line on

Why SkinnyMint?

• IT’S EASY. Just one cup of Morning Boost tea in the morning and an evening Night Cleanse tea every other night
• NO DIETING. You don’t need to cut down or cut out foods to see a difference
• IT GETS RESULTS. Check our website for all the amazing results from our customers and see the power of our Teatox
• OUR INGREDIENTS ARE NATURAL Packed with anitoxidants, which are good for you.
• HEALTH IS THE BEST GIFT Surprise your loved once with this amazing tasting, natural tea and help them to kickstart their life.

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