Khoury Home

About Us
Looking to gift your loved ones a unique shopping experience under one roof? Khoury Home is Lebanon’s one stop destination! For what you may ask? Well almost anything that comes to mind. No matter the gifting occasion you are sure to find what you are looking for under the Khoury Home roof. The renowned retailer offers a variety of products across a multitude of brands and categories, all tailored to the various needs of consumers. The vast array of products include: telephones, cameras and camcorders, audio and video, office products, big and small home appliances, decorative items in collaboration with BHV Deco, as well as fitness and leisure products. Additionally Khoury Home offers a dedicated IT section including mobiles, high-technology items and accessories, professional sound systems and computers. You will find a gift for every occasion: Want to buy your girlfriend the new mobile she has been hinting at; or how about the sports equipment to indulge in your boyfriends gym addiction? Your little brother has been nagging for those new headphones, how about you make him happy? Or even, get your sister a new laptop since she is starting University? Let your dad’s day start with a boost; get him that coffee maker as a thank you for all his efforts. As for mom, surprise her with a tablet and humor her new interest in social media. Khoury Home is your ultimate destination for every occasion. Everything is geared towards customer satisfaction with constant innovation adapting to the evolving market. The Khoury Home eGift Card: One Card, One Destination, Hundreds of gift ideas!