QFC Advantage

About Us
Quality Food Centres (QFC) is, as their name suggests, a purveyor of quality produce, dry goods and household items. The chain of over 60 stores operate mainly around Seattle and Portland, and became a part of the Kroger family of supermarkets in 1998, which means that customers are treated to a range of affordable own-brand items along with choice national-brand products. Simple Truth organics are amongst the own-brand items you can find at QFC, which include 50 varieties of antibiotic- and hormone-free meats and tens of preservative-free versions of your favorite snacks and cereals.
Kroger also manufactures uniquely flavored Big K-brand sodas, housewares, babies' necessities, and for those with tight budgets, Value brand products – all of which are carried by QFC. As with other Kroger supermarkets, QFC's in house pharmacies provide 3 months' generics for only $10, and Kroger gift cards can be redeemed at all QFC locations.