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About Us
Originating from France, Biotherm US is a luxury skin care brand by L’Oreal, focusing on the skincare benefits of spring mineral water, which contain the key to healthy skin in thermal plankton that lives in such waters, which is also a potent skin rejuvenator. As a pioneer to skincare technology, Biotherm offers unparalleled fresh and delightful textures that make your skin healthier, stronger and emit a glow that radiate from within. At Biotherm US, browse from cleansers and exfoliators, toners and serums, to moisturizers and anti-aging boosts and treatments. Biotherm also boasts a top quality men’s line, Biotherm Homme, which is one of the leading and barrier breaking lines that help men feel more comfortable about taking care of themselves and their skin. The Homme line products are made from the signature bio water that is the source of Biotherm skincare, charged with unique properties that tailor-make it just for men’s skin. By joining the Biotherm e-Club, save your wishlist and diagnostic results to create your skincare profile and the best products suited for you!