About Us
Singapore oozes class. High-end brand outlets line every mall, and it seems that everybody has at least one expensive pair of shoes or handbag in their wardrobe. Being drunk on designer merchandise may be well and good if you have oodles of dosh to drop, but eagerly anticipating the next sale may be the only option for most. That next sale may be closer than you think – enter StreetDeal, where coupons for thousands of local retailers are churned out everyday, amounting to savings of up to 99%.
The deals on StreetDeals are by no means reserved for luxury goods only – small luxuries like $6 Polar cakes can be bought for $2 on StreetDeals, or $23 wallets for $8. Big luxuries, however, is where StreetDeals shines – it's there you can find $206 photoshoots for only $12, and $1988 slimming treatments for $28 – the fabled 99% discount. Remember to refer a friend so you can earn StreetDollars!