Francfranc VIP

About Us
Glass, metal and clean lines – the trio are signatures of 21st century furnishings, but even for those who are enamored by modern styling, the sterility and austerity of the designs can seem uninspiring at times. Those people will find that a trip to Francfranc will soon breathe new inspiration into their home – the Japanese lifestyle chain specializes in designing housewares that are simultaneously affordable, stylish and practical. One item will go a long way to accentuate any sleekly furnished room – whether it be an intensely bold and colorful throw pillow, a framed Warhol reproduction, or a sofa upholstered in floral fabric.
Francfranc operates two shops in Singapore, one at Vivocity and another at JCube, both of which will discount your purchases by 5% (15% during your birth month) and invite you to exclusive members' only events if you hold a valid Francfranc VIP card.