About Us
WWW Concepts Group is a restaurant and lifestyle group based in Singapore, responsible for Bartini, The Retrospective and Mariko’s. Their philosophy is to provide good food, good wine, and good company.

Though each concept reminisces of times past, they each appeal to a different personality. Bartini is the perfect oasis for creative mixology, a blend of classic cocktails and London-inspired innovations. Pizza, platters and cheese are also available to share as you enjoy the night among friends. The Retrospective is a 1980s- and 90s-inspired restaurant that flaunts vintage posters and cocktails named after famous celebrities like Kate Moss. The menu is a modern interpretation of classic French cuisine with European fare. Mariko’s is an entirely different concept, inspired by 1950s Japan and comically themed around a post-World War II Japanese hostess named Mariko. The food menu is simple and easy, mostly small bites to share among friends, while the cocktails are provocative, refreshing twists on Japanese spirits.