Secret Recipe

About Us
Secret Recipe started little more than a decade ago, but the cafe chain's extensive selection of luscious cakes and eclectic menu have made the Malaysian chain welcome guests in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and elsewhere. Chicken satays coexist with pumpkin soup on Secret Recipe's starter menu, while chicken fried steak burgers and chicken parmigiana are only two of the many chicken dishes they serve. Curry puffs are Southeast Asia's favorite pastry, and they appear alongside cornish pasties on Secret Recipe's selection of pies.
There's even an entire menu of Asian classics, which include tom yum noodles, seafood laksa, Japanese soba and much more. Last but not least, 7 kinds of brownies and just as many chocolate cakes take their place on Secret Recipe's cake menu, beside their own creations such as strawberry marshmallow cheesecake. If you like what you're reading, order online now – Secret Recipe accepts PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Diner's Club cards.