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About Us
If you're an artist in Singapore, you'll need to acquaint yourself with Art Friend. While four stores may not sound like much, hold your judgment until you've set foot in one. Inside, you'll find an inventory of visual art supplies unparalleled by any other retailer on the island – dyes, buttons and threads for sewers, foam boards for photographers, canvases and paints for painters, and even fake trees for modellers.
Not only are Art Friend's wares affordable; the company has also cultivated a reputation for stocking only high-quality merchandise – intensely pigmented chalks and real hair brushes are just twoexamples. Enjoy further discounts on all of Art Friend's amazing products and a roster of exclusive offers with a Friend Card – a two year membership costs only $5.35! Remember to check back often – pleasant surprises such as gorilla tape and car decals might just prove to be useful inspirations!