Hard Rock Rewards

About Us
Geeking out to rock memorabilia and pigging out with a legendary burger all the while? That's the Hard Rock Café way, and it's delicious. Established in 1971 in London, Hard Rock Café was the perfect marriage between a then-new musical aesthetic, and an even newer cuisine from the land that spawned said aesthetic – remember, it was the 1970s; yankee food and rock had only been in the Swinging City for a decade or so. The overtly American combo took the world by storm, and there are now over 170 Cafés worldwide.
Some people, however, are looking for a still more immersive experience, for which there are ten Hard Rock Hotels, featuring the same memorabilia but with accommodations fit for a rock star – many of which they've hosted. Join Hard Rock Rewards to be, well, rewarded while you're at it. Earn points and redeem them for gift vouchers, or pay $25 for the much more exclusive VIP treatment!