Joie de Vivre (JDV) Joy of Life Club

About Us
Few things bring people more joy than a relaxing holiday, and where better to relax than in sunny California? Not only are there pristine beaches and long stretches of picturesque coastline, but the state is also home to the Joie de Vivre group of hotels. Fully equipped with gourmet restaurants and world-class spas, the group also offers tantalizing rewards through the Joy of Life Club. Whether you're staying at the nautically-themed Waterfront Hotel in San Francisco or reposing on a technicolor bed at the Saguaro in Palm Springs, club members will earn up to 2 points for every dollar of their room rates, and up to 4 points for spa treatments. New members can enjoy complimentary internet access and the option of a room upgrade. As you advance through the membership tiers, you can enjoy privileges such as late checkouts and earn points at double the rate. For as little as 2,500 points, you can even redeem rewards like free surfing classes!