Jinjiang J Club

About Us
In the heart of Shanghai's French Concession stands the stately art-deco landmark that is the Jinjiang Hotel. A five-star establishment, it has been – and is still – seen fit to host over 500 government officials and state leaders in its half century history, who undoubtedly indulged in scrumptious banquets at the five restaurants that the hotel house. Neither China's movers and shakers, nor yourself, will have to pine for a taste of the Jinjiang Hotel's coveted treatment, since there are now over a hundred hotels bearing the Jinjiang name all over China to recreate the experience.
Members of the J Club loyalty programme may earn points every time they stay at these luxurious establishments, or utilize the Jin Jiang group's extensive network of services. All the while, J Club members can enjoy discounts on travel, car rentals and maintenance, and instantly redeem the accumulated points on gifts and miles.