Executive Club - British Airways

About Us
As the proud flag carrier of the United Kingdom, British Airways was a state company until 1987 when it was privatized and enjoys the mark of distinction it maintains today. It is based at Waterside, near its main hub at London Heathrow Airport. As a founding member of the OneWorld Alliance, it constantly seeks to increase connectivity and better the world’s travel networks. It is the world’s largest operator of a long-haul Boeing fleet, marking its status as a true leader in worldwide travel. It currently serves nearly 150 worldwide destinations and 6 domestic destinations, one of the few airlines that provide links to all six permanently inhabited continents in the world. With codeshare agreements with 19 different airlines, British Airways’ outreach to the world network is unmatched. Members of its distinguished loyalty program (the Executive Club) includes access to special lounges and ‘fast’ queues for easy, hassle-free and comfort flying. With British Airways, they are dedicated to fly and to serve.