Norwegian Reward

About Us
The next time you plan to vacation amongst Norway's dramatic fjords and picturesque cities, fly there on a Norwegian flight. The airline operates routes to more than a hundred locations – not just to major urban centres like Oslo and Bergen, but also to smaller but equally travel-worthy cities including Sandefjord, Trondheim, and Ålesund, and from as far afield as Dubai and Morocco. Norwegian Air Shuttle is amongst the first airlines to have installed a fleet comprised almost entirely of Boeing 737 Dreamliners, to provide WiFi aboard all of its aircraft, and to allow you to head directly for the gate without first checking in. So fly Norwegian often, and remember to sign up for their Reward program – membership is free, and with it you can earn cash points whenever you fly with them. One cash point translates to 1 krone, which you can redeem whenever you'd like, on tickets, luggage fees, seat reservations or ticket changes!