BIG - AirAsia

About Us
Air Asia (also written as AirAsia) is located in Indonesia and it is a Malaysian airline that offers cheap flights. Considered to be a pioneer of low-cost traveling in Asia, Air Asia has been named the world’s leading low-cost airline. Air Asia keeps costs low for passengers by maximizing efficiency, quick turnaround time for fueling and crew productivity that outperform other competing airlines. Air Asia offers frequent flyers a rewards program called Air Asia’s BIG Loyalty Programme, where “big shots” can earn BIG points with any and every transaction. Members can redeem BIG points for free flights from Air Asia, as well as redeeming points for upgrades. Air Asia BIG Loyalty members can also earn DOUBLE BIG points when they make purchases at select hotels, car rental companies, grocery stores and even online shopping to redeem for even more free flights. Air Asia Big Loyalty Programme members also have the added convenience of being able to earn BIG points for family members and loved ones too.