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About Us
It's only been a little over two centuries since the countries that made up Yugoslavia went their merry ways, but already Montenegro has a national airline company. Which is all the better – because you can fly with Montenegro Airlines to the country from major cities all over Europe, from as far afield as London and Moscow. Strangely enough, one can't fly between either of the airline's Montenegrin destinations, since they're not far enough apart, but the nation is bursting with sunny, picturesque, tile-roofed towns including Budva and Perast, and a wealth of stunning natural scenery. All of their flights are extremely affordable – prices start in the hundreds of Euros – but if you want even more bang for your buck, join Montenegro Airlines' frequent flyer program. As with other such programs, you earn miles for every flight you make on Montenegro Airlines, and as little as 4 flights' worth of miles can be redeemed for free flight.