About Us
“Hawaii's Low Cost Airline” is quite the slogan for a plucky airline company operating only two Bombadier jets, but Go! has never let its size get in the way of its excellent service. Go!'s two jets can do anything major airline companies can, operating routes cover 9 cities and towns over 6 of the Hawaiian islands. They can also do something major airline companies can't: offer passengers either aisle or window seats! There are no middle seats on either of their jets, which is all the better for taking in the majestic island views.
Best of all, Go! charges a pittance compared to other budget airlines for services, which even include bicycle and surfboard transport. Go!'s loyalty programme is unbelievably simple: for every segment you fly, you earn 500 miles, 5000 of which will earn you a free one-way flight. There are no limits on how many you can redeem, and membership is absolutely free!