About Us
Garuda Indonesia is the country's national airline – a fact Indonesians are proud of. Who wouldn't be, considering that Garuda offers convenience and services unparalleled by many others national airline companies – such as their Immigration on Board service, using which travellers to Indonesia can bypass the immigration queue at the airports in Denpasar and Jakarta entirely. Not only that, but Garuda is also one of the only airliners to offer passengers in-flight WiFi connectivity. Their cabins can only be summed up as “world class”, treating economy class passengers to 31 inches of legroom, in addition to personal screens and scrumptious meals.
First class passengers are even taken to the airport by a chauffeur, enjoy world cuisines prepared by master chefs, and rest in an enclosed bed. Join Garuda's Frequent Flyer programme and earn miles towards your next flight, seat upgrade, or membership tier – each tier brings you increasingly exclusive privileges including priority baggage handling and express check-in.