Forever New

About Us
Forever New is a fitting name for a retailer of fashions as timeless as theirs. Fur-collared coats, full-skirted dresses, cable-knit sweaters and button-up blouses are a few of the vintage-inspired items Forever New produces, all updated for a fashionably feminine look, of course. Plenty of casual items are also at the ready at Forever New's elegant stores, including silk tees and tanks, parkas and over a dozen varieties and colors of form-flattering jeans. Meanwhile, Forever New's amazing selection of biker jackets are sure to add a rebelliously chic flourish to your outfits – perfect for a girls' night out, as are their lacy tops and miniskirts.
With so many fashionable options, it's little wonder that Forever New's products are found in over 250 stores in 7 countries despite having only been founded less than a decade ago. However, only Forever New's Australian stores accept gift cards, which are available online in denominations of up to AU$500.