About Us
Raffles Hotel is a uniquely Singaporean institution. The name alone harks back to the founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, and the eponymous hotel came to be only seven decades following his passing. A century later, the ur-Raffles' colonial construction, luxurious rooms and generous hospitality still afford it a unique character, and a unique character is what Raffles Hotels & Resorts seeks to give every hotel under its wing.
From Paris to Phnom Penh, none of the 10 Raffles hotels are alike, save for the fact that each host spacious rooms and suites that are fit for a king, and that the in-house restaurants serve nothing but the finest in global cuisines. At all 10 hotels, Raffles Ambassadors members are treated to complimentary gourmet breakfasts, high speed internet and health club access, tantalizing discounts from spa treatments and purchases at adjoining shops, and much more.