About Us
Fossil may be inspired by the old, but their slick designs are by no means going the way of the dinosaur. Far from it: their minimalist genuine leather, washed canvas and polyester bags are the staples of many men and women's closets. At their male customers' disposal are dozens of easily coordinated and impressively durable briefcases, messenger and overnight bags; while female customers have a choice of just as many satchels, totes, mini-bags and even make-up bags, adorned with bright hues and youthful patterns.
Slickest of Fossil's products, however, are their watches – also available for either genders, Fossil continues to sell Swiss-made automatic watches for men and intricate, jewelry-inspired ones for women. With leather wallets and classic fashions to match their retro-inspired vision, those who are in search of refinement will find a treasure trove in every Fossil store, of which there are hundreds around the world.