About Us
Courts is a prominent electronics and furniture retailer in Singapore and Malaysia, and also has locations in the Caribbean. Originally founded in 1850 in the United Kingdom, it has since established a great reputation for its top notch home entertainment equipment, computers, mobile phones, cameras and other home appliances, as well as providing the essential furniture to build a warm and cozy family room or living area for loved ones to relax and unwind. Courts provides hassle-free payment options, from cash on delivery to installment plans, as well as the ever more affordable, interest-free options and rental options. Deliveries are always fast and secure, and their customer service is always helpful and sincere - with help from picking out the right appliance for you or solutions for technologytroubles with ‘Dr. Digital’. For anything that would make life more enriching and full of excitement and comfort, check out Courts in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.