About Us
It's the 2010s, and video rental stores are dropping like flies. Luckily, Singaporeans can still rent DVDs from Hollywoodclicks.com. A low, monthly fee entitles you to unlimited movie rentals: it only costs S$25 to rent one DVD at a time, and S$33 to rent two. You can rent up to 8 at once, and not worry about shipping all the while – postage is completely covered by Hollywoodclicks.com, and the DVDs you've rented will appear at your doorstep within one or two days. Your membership entitles you to the largest DVD library in Singapore, where you'll find anything from timeless classics to films hot off the cinema circuit. Not only are Hollywood movies on Hollywoodclicks.com's catalogue, but also TV series and Karaoke discs in Cantonese, Korean, Tamil and more. With such an extensive library and swift service, there's little chance that you'll be unsatisfied; but in case you are, you can cancel your membership completely free of charge.