About Us
Started in 2001, Supernature is one of Singapore's largest and only chains of organic grocers. Their impressive selection of USDA-certified organic fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy are just the beginning; in fact, you can find everything you'll need at Supernature to replace everyday necessities with their ethically manufactured counterparts. Start your day with a warm mug of FairTrade coffee, agave-sweetened cereal and flavorful jams, or end it with a bowl of quinoa macaroni and wholesome, organic leek-and-potato soup.
Food, of course, isn't the only way you can stay in good health – ban harsh, carcinogenic chemicals from your daily routine with organic hairspray, handsoap and dioxin-free sanitary napkins, and ensure you protect your child's health in the same way with Supernature's range of gentle wipes and diapers. With a Supernature card, you will receive 5% off all of these wonderful products, and earn 3% of your purchases back as points which you may redeem for cash vouchers and more!