About Us
When the National Service comes calling, you can look forward to plenty of new friendships in training. Join SAFRA, however, and you can look forward to many more. Established in 1972, SAFRA is a network of country club-style recreation and educational facilities for National Servicemen and their kin and everything in between. There are 5 clubs islandwide, providing members with Zumba courses, family baking sessions. Whether you love sharpshooting or photography, you can take part in an interest group as a SAFRA member.
Joining SAFRA also has the added benefit of allowing you to earn SAFRAPOINTS. One point is given every time you spend S$1 at F&B outlets or SAFRA facilities, and you earn double the points during your birthday month. As few as 100 points can be redeemed for a laundry list of attractive discounts and even a S$2 McDonald's gift certificate, but more points will earn you anything from sharp looking watches to French presses.