Takashimaya Cash Smart Card

About Us
There are plenty of tasteful, affluent people in Singapore, and they all go shopping at Takashimaya. The upscale department store has all that one would need to live the high life – down to the food. No upper-class family will make do without Harrods foods, the full range of which – traditional English confections included – Takashimaya customers may enjoy. Nor would a modern lady of means deprive herself with a designer handbag, thousands of which she may pick through at Takashimaya, from major brands including Longchamps, Bally and Mulberry.
Nonetheless, even affluent people enjoy discounts, which makes signing up for a Takashimaya Cash Smart card all the more worthwhile. Every ten dollars cardholders spend generates one point, 100 of which can be exchanged for a $30 rebate voucher. The application fee is only $15, so ask customer service for a form or mail it in now!