About Us
Sushi is one of the few undoubtedly healthy foods that can inspire love at first bite. One can only improve on the experience by choosing their favorite variety from a mesmerizing carousel, and here to provide that experience are the dozens of Sakae sushi restaurants in Singapore. For added health benefits, Sakae sushi enriches their rice with Vitamin E, and serve only dishes that don't contain MSG. 
You can bet that Sakae has your favorite sushi variety on their kaiten belt – their sushi and sashimi menu contains over 200 varieties, including the popular tamago (egg) and sake (salmon) nigiris, ebiko (roe) gunkan, inarizushi and California roll. With a slew of other dishes like teppanyaki and nabemono, you'd be tempted to try something new. Sign up for a SAKAECard, and you'll get S$55 worth of food at any SAKAE location! You can also earn 12% in rebates in Sakae dollars, and be invited to plenty of members-only promotions!