Times Privilege Card

About Us
Times Publishing Group is a media company that provides innovative services in printing, publishing, distribution and retail. Times Publishing Group has a global network of 20 international offices and 40 subsidiaries in cities in Southeast Asia, East Asia, Australia and the US. The company maintains two brands: Times bookstores and Times Travel. Times bookstores is a leading retailer of English language books chains throughout Singapore and Malaysia. Established in 1978, Times bookstores offer a wide variety of products catering to readers of all ages. Times bookstores also hosts a number of activities, including author appearances, book signings and workshops for customers. Time Travel is geared towards the travel retail market, offering an enhanced retail store environment. The membership program, Times Privilege Card, organizes promotions and activities regularly to reward and encourage members’ participation. The information on our customers’ profile also supports publishers to implement targeted marketing activities.