Godiva VIP

About Us
Belgium is famous all over the world for its fine chocolates. Amongst them, the chocolate produced by one company stands out as being the richest and smoothest of all – Godiva. Their secrets are entwined with the story of their founding, in 1926 by master chocolatier Joseph Draps, whose novel recipe and shell-moulded confections earned his chocolate’s instant fame. Draps' influence can still be seen in Godiva's gift boxes – each perfectly formed piece is a crystallization of Draps' work. Wrapped in fine fabrics befitting their contents, these gift boxes contain as many as 70 chocolates, each with a different flavor.
Godiva has never stopped innovating despite their fame – the chocolatier has recently introduced a collection of truffles just as velvety as their shell-moulded counterparts, and sold in similarly elegant packaging. Spend the equivalent of S$450 over 3 months in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Taiwan, and receive a Godiva VIP card, entitling you to discounts of 10%.