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About Us
Science! We have that collection of disciplines to thank for our modern standards of living and sound knowledge about...just about anything! You may be enthusiastic about it, but what about spreading your enthusiasm to the next generation? For that, there's the Singapore Science Center. The Science Center contains 14 galleries and 20,000 square metres of outdoor exhibitions, covering scientific disciplines that include oceanography, astronomy, mathematics, sound, meteorology and genetics. The Science Center also houses an IMAX theatre – dubbed the Omni Theatre – which shows an assortment of films related, of course, to science. In addition, a rotation of temporary exhibits allows the Science Center to cover even more ground. With so much to offer, you'd want to sign up for a Science Center membership. Individual memberships cost $43 for one year, or only $49 for two, which pays for unlimited admission to the science centre and access to the Science Center library, which contains more than 12,000 publications.