SUN Privilege - SUN with MOON

About Us
Who knows why Sun with Moon is so named? Maybe it has something to do with how their menu, filled to the brim with only the most creative takes on traditional delights, is like day and night compared to the hackneyed offerings at your local Japanese joint. Under the discerning eye of executive chef Toshio Sawai, the food served at Sun with Moon is made only with the choicest ingredients available. Even Sun with Moon's nigiri sushi is crafted from blocks of fresh, marbled toro, while slabs of seared, buttery foie gras top Sun with Moon's kamameshi.
When it comes to the creative, Sun with Moon's combinations are by no means haphazard – consider the harmonious marriage of tempura shrimp to mango that is their ebi mango roll, or their delicious, azuki-topped matcha cheesecake. Sign up for a Sun Privilege card and enjoy anything from their gourmet menu for 10% off!