World of Sports

About Us
World of Sports is a sports retailer of high-performance sporting gear for women and men of all ages. Customers can find what they need for any outdoor or indoor activity, such as road running, trail running, adventure racing, swimming, as well as racquet and water sports. World of Sports offers a wide selection of top quality athletic brands, such as Columbia, Spalding, Hurley and Birkenstock. As a leading sports retailer, World of Sports is committed to health and fitness, selling products that embody vitality, quality and sporting prowess.
World of Sports members are always the first to hear about exciting new arrivals and promotions as well as exclusive benefits, including further discounts on top of clearance sales. For only $49, members will enjoy great savings, receive free gifts and chances to participate in exclusive retreats. These benefits may also include facial and body treatments, athletic gear and accessories, and sporting lessons.