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About Us
Those who take a walk through the thirty-degree heat of Singapore's downtown are bound to be drenched in sweat within minutes – so why not enjoy a few minutes of air conditioned relief and do a bit of shopping while you're at it? Nowhere is it more convenient to do so than at CityLink, a sixty shop corridor of a mall that links the Esplanade and City Hall MRT stations. Despite its small size, the mall is filled to the brim with an eclectic assortment of Singapore's favorite retailers – amongst its tenants are the teen-appropriate Smiggles and Aéropostale, fashionable chains such as Sixties and the Body Shop, in addition to four shoe stores and three jewellers.
There's good reason to spend to your heart's content while you're cooling off at CityLink, especially with a Frequent CityShopper membership – each $10 in purchases earns you 1 loyalty point, as little as 35 of which can be redeemed for rewards.