About Us
CD-RAMA is part of the story of POPULAR Holdings, which began from Cheng Hing Company’s picture and comic book stores in Singapore in 1924. From its humble beginnings, the bookstore soon grew into a multinational listed corporation spanning across Asia, Canada and the United Kingdom, and expanded to distribute many other types of products, hence the creation of its brand CD-RAMA for the most comprehensive collection of entertainment you can find. CD-RAMA outlets are ubiquitous across Singapore, with over 14 stores out of the 26 which are under the POPULAR brand, all situated in highly centralized locations and major shopping malls. With the CD-RAMA Card, accrue CD Dollars to redeem CD-RAMA Gift Vouchers valued at S$20 each! CD-RAMA cards can be used at any CD-RAMA outlet in Singapore. A one-stop shop for all you favorite music, movies and TV series, CD-RAMA is a must-shop place for any true entertainment buff.