Krispy Kreme

About Us
For more than seven decades, Krispy Kreme has served up freshly-made, fluffy donuts the likes of which few stores can match. Even though much has changed since the chain's establishment in 1937, one thing has stayed the same: their secret, yeast-raised donut recipe. Flavors on offer now include cinnamon, chocolate, cheesecake and maple syrup, in addition to a range of delicious lemon, raspberry, dulce de leche and cream filled varieties. Dieters can have their cake and eat it too – literally – with Krispy Kreme's mini donuts and Donut Holes: bite sized balls of donut dough, available in the same, mouthwatering flavors as the full sized donuts. Krispy Kreme's sundaes, iced drinks and milkshakes are the perfect way to beat the heat and go great with their donuts. Give the gift of everybody's favorite desserts: pick up a gift card at any Krispy Kreme location!