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PetSmart has all the necessities for being a good pet parent...starting with the pets themselves. Hundreds of reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish and rodents are waiting for your warmth and care at PetSmart's 1,100 locations, along with all of the habitats, bedding and food you'll need to build your new pet a comfortable home.

PetSmart also stocks a variety of collars and crates for dogs and cats, but it's understandable that you're already considering spoiling yours with the many cozy beds and entertaining toys that PetSmart carries. Of course, no pet parent can neglect their pet's grooming routine, which is why you can find everything from brushes and clippers to chinchilla baths and nail trimmers at any PetSmart location. Water conditioners, supplements, medication and help books are amongst PetSmart's diverse offerings, which makes PetSmart gift cards the most useful and versatile gift that any pet parent can receive.