About Us
TCBY might stand for “The Country's Best Yoghurt”, but their fro-yo will have you muttering their old name. With dozens of delicious flavors – butter pecan, cheesecake, coffee and chocolate, just to name a few – nearly all of which are gluten free, even you will hardly believe it's yoghurt. Oh, but it is – all made with skimmed milk, enriched with vitamins A&D, and teeming with active cultures. Even though none of TCBY's fro-yo contains any fat, their new Greek fro-yo may well be every dieter's dream dessert, considering that 8 grams of protein are packed into every half-cup serving, while the same portion contains 30 less calories than their regular fro-yo.
Yoghurt isn't the only dessert TCBY serves, either – their sorbets are perfect for lactose intolerant and gluten sensitive people, which you can order in refreshing flavors such as watermelon, mango and lemonade. Register a TCBY gift card to earn store credit!